Friday, September 08, 2006

Brother Chris - A Press Release

September 7, 2006 - Perennial DC mayoral candidate Faith, and deceased brother Chris Crowder, were both honorees at the DC Coalition for housing justice awards at Busboys and Poets Thursday Aug 31. Both mayoral candidates were among the 6-8 declared candidates routinely excluded from 98% of the candidates' forums. Both were also assaulted at the University of the District of Columbia. Crowder was assaulted by Bill Cosby and Faith by UDC security and Metropolitan Police.

The two activists/mayoral candidates were planning to sue the district for allowing the practice of this exclusion to occur. With the permission of Chris Crowder's mother, Faith will be co-suing, with brother Chris posthumously, and for the family on the civil rights torte and criminal actions this exclusion has wrout. Faith plans to file this action by the end of the week.

Inclusive in the suite against the government is the conspicuous rejection of an All-Arts Resolution of the ANC( Advising Neighborhood Commissions) Assembly by Mayor Williams, by the Board of Education, and by the Commission of Arts and Humanities ' (ANCs') arts outreach resolution. Also inclusive of the legal action is the district's negligence in not preventing the manslaughter of blacks -- refusing to prevent black-on-black violence -- through the therapeutic and spiritual benefit of arts outreach, which also provides economic futures for the youth. The present government turned its back on this arts outreach plan, which was endorsed two times by the Barry administration, and turned down by mayor Williams without any explanation. Faith vows that because of the intent and effect of this negligence, she will collect for chris and various families of the deceased such a prohibitive amount that the government will be bankrupt and forced to close down. The lawsuits will display to the public the need for the replacement of this government by a new ANC-empowered arts government, that Faith has worked on for the past quarter century.

The ANC passed an arts resolution to implement all-arts trainings in schools, senior citizen centers, etc., based on Roosevelt's WPA free outreach programs. This arts outreach has been designed to deter violence by providing youth and other citizens of DC with more vocational training options, simultaneously serving as spiritual and psychological therapy.

Faith says, "If I could reach people through my home-made posters and her bugle-tooting, I hope to get through the primary as a write-in. But if I don't, my write-inship will continue and I will promise to prevail in November."

Faith may become a gadfly to the business community and lobby, whether elected or not, along with mayoral candidate Michael Brown, for a city-wide referendum on whether to construct a new baseball stadium before the first brick is laid. Or in its place build a DC/New Columbia Arts Center, with Faith's contacts and friendships with many many of the world's leading artists and stars, which will include free training in performance areas for children and adults - where the stars will teach for scale- and help create a new Vatican of the Arts in DC run by the People of DC and World Stars.

Faith will be reporting this whole process to the federal government for civil rights violations as well as the United Nations, protesting this dysfunctional, diseased, servitude-based government. When she arrived in DC almost 30 years ago, she stayed here because it was a chocolate city… now it has become a vanilla villa. Moving families out by the horde, displacing and killing people, and the present day holocaust against blacks will not continue to be ignored.

Faith antagonizes a certain citizenry when she talks about the exodus of blacks, a part of the plan to make this a white Aryan state. She is also promoting the diminishment of the Caucasian Invasion. (Is this why she's not invited to forums?)

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